This Email From Elon Musk to Tesla Employees Is a Master Class in Emotional Intelligence

The famous electric-automobile manufacturer that is led by the well known CEO Elon Musk – Tesla Motors, recently had problems with safety in the firm. It appears that one worker advocacy group called California nonprofit Worksafe have made headlines reporting the injury rate at Tesla’s Fremont, California and it was more than 30 percent higher than the industry average than it was from 3 years ago.

Of course, Musk insists (you can guess) that safety is the number one priority at Tesla and also claims that major impact in lowering the injury rate in the firm is one of the recent actions the company decided to make like hiring thousands of employees to create a third shift and reduce excess overtime.

Because he wants to be understood seriously, Elon Mush recently sent an e-mail to his employees regarding the issue. This was reported by the news site Electrek;

No words can express how much I care about your safety and wellbeing. It breaks my heart when someone is injured building cars and trying their best to make Tesla successful.

 Going forward, I’ve asked that every injury will be reported directly to me, without exception. I’m meeting with the safety team every week and would like to meet every injured person as soon as they are well, so that I can understand from them exactly what we need to do to make it better. I will then go down to the production line and perform the same task that they perform.

This is what all managers at Tesla should do as a matter of course. At Tesla, we lead from the front line, not from some safe and comfortable ivory tower. Managers must always put their team’s safety above their own.”

If what Elon says is true, this will be just one more remarkable example of a company leader who really wants to do what it takes just in order to affect change and therefore show that he is not afraid to get down in the trenches.


One very important quality that effective leaders have is exactly the ability to make your emotions work for you, instead of against you.

Although Elon’s opening words seems touching at first, the key part that is most powerful in his e-mail is the promise to take actions. To personally meet every single one employee that was injured and actually learn the whole process of performing the task that was the cause of that persons injury is remarkable (and a must!) for the CEO of any company.

Effective leaders always seem to know how to inspire their followers. They are never afraid to delegate, but they also need to know when they should take matters into their own hands. When a serious problem appears, what they do is increasing their involvement and work in order to make things better.

Because your people always need to know that you’ve got their back.

One of the best way to handle this is do what Elon did. When a manager takes the time and puts the effort to work together with a frustrated member of the team, with a goal of better understanding the situations and the person’s perspective first of all, always good things happen. This kind of ‘exercise’ has the function to build rapport and empathy, and that’s way it is so motivating.

Unfortunately, not many managers are willing to make this type of effort.

So, what can you do is ask yourself today:

– What is my team biggest challenge?
– What exactly can I do to make these things better?

If you can answer these questions and do something about it, it really won’t matter what your job title is, because this applies to everything and everyone.

If you do this, your colleagues will be more than ready to follow you and do everything for your and the interest of your firm.


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