8 Smart Things Which You Can Do With Your Smartphones

Replace Your Measuring Tape With The SizeUp App.

There are so many of these household items which are in front of you lying around when you don’t need them but lost when you actually need one of them.

Measuring tapes are one of them. You can install an app on your phone named SizeUp which can help you measure almost anything with your phone’s camera.

The TV Remote.

Are you often confused whether you are out of your remote control’s batteries? For this, take out your phone and open the camera, and press one of remote’s button.

In case you see the pinkish light on your camera’s display it means that the infrared light rays are working fine and the batteries need to be changed.

Voice Commands

You can give your phone commands even without touching it. This is where voice commands are extremely helpful and you can use it if your hands are dirty or you can’t touch your phone.

Hudway App.

There are few apps for convenience and few for safety. Hudway app is one of the safety apps that helps to project the phone’s data on the windscreen.

It displays a GSP enabled map and driving speed.


It often happens that phone dies out of battery or something or the other happens before you are to attend an important message.

You can sync your account with MightyText which will link your email and your phone number and you can see all the received messages on your laptop screen.

Decision Crafting

This another app, named Decision Crafting, helps you to take a decision which is better for you.

You can list down all your choices, put up its characteristics, and let the app make a decision.


Screen Mirroring Apps

Did you ever have a bad date or a bad feeling while returning late at night? BSafe app makes a fake call to save you from your bad date.

This app sends an SOS to the emergency contacts, gets up and tracks the GPS and record audios and videos. It also sets up a timer until you reach someplace safe and turn it off.

Screen mirroring apps are great in trend and are extremely helpful when you wish to show off some vacation pictures or more. One of these apps is Chrome Remote Desktop.


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