The Maid Who Found Tesla Dead

In 1943, on January 5th, Tesla put a ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door of room 3327 on the 33rd floor at the hotel he was staying at, Hotel New Yorker in New York City. He was alone when he died and his death was quiet. No paying attention to the sign, Alice Monaghan (a maid at the hotel) walked into the room and saw Tesla’s dead body on his bed.

She immediately called H.W. Wembley who was an Assistant Medical Examiner on the scene. His opinion after the examination of the body was that the cause of Tesla’s death was coronary thrombosis without any doubtful circumstances.

Tesla’s body was brought to the Frank E. Campbell Funeral Home at Madison Ave. and 81st St. Tesla’s long-time friend and follower Hugo Gernsback, instructed Ivan Mestrovic a sculptor, to create a death-mask which is now exhibited in the Nikola Tesla Museum. Besides that, a lot of Tesla’s personal belongings such as his gloves, leather bag, glasses, and also a creation of his mother- an embroidered bag ‘Licka torba’. Also displayed are some papers, notes, photographs he had at the end of his life. Sadly, without evidence, we can’t tell for certain where he keep them -in his room or someplace else.

The other room is dedicated to the life he had in the U.S. Tesla had photographs of some of his famous writers and artists who were his close friends such as Mark Twain and Robert Underwood Johnson.
He had documents of his visit to Belgrade in 1892 and a letter was written by him in 1942 where he shows his support for the action of the American President against Nazism All of this is to show Tesla’s patriotic and humanitarian side.


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