10 of The Most Surreal Landscapes on The Planet

Alien landscapes on Earth.

On the Earth, you can find many bizarre landscapes. Some of them are creations that are made from humans, but some are just land formations that have moulded over the years.

From the Thermal Wonderlands in New Zealand to the Door to Hell in Turkmenistan, here are 10 landscapes that are really fascinating and incredible:

In Torrevieja, Spain, there are two pink lakes that are called Les Salinas de Torrevieja. It is believed that the colour they have is caused by algae that, under certain conditions, Is releasing a red pigment.

This is the Door to Hell located in Turkmenistan. It has been burning its flames since 1971 and in a strange way it still continues to burn from the moment it was accidentally drilled into by some geologists.

In western Turkey (province of Denizli) you can see these hot springs that are formed by calcite in the water and they date as far back as the 2nd century BC. They are really looking like some stunning white clouds.

This is the Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderlands that can be found in New Zealand. After thousands of years of volcanic activity, this is the result (which makes the New Zealands’ most colourful and diverse geothermal attraction).

Millions of flamingo visitors enjoy spending their summer season on Tanzania’s Lake Natron. It has very rich colour and salt-loving organisms, which makes enough of touristic attraction for all the flamingos.

This stunning sight is located in Geneva. This is how it looks like when two rivers (the Rhone river and the Arve river) are colliding with one another.

In the northeastern of Ethiopia, you can see one of the hottest places on Earth called the Danakil Depression. Its temperatures are reaching high up to 62 degrees Celsius. It has bubbling lava lake, some mineral deposits and two active volcanoes, which makes this place one of the most unique spots on this planet.

These are the known rice terraces of China’s Yunnan province, that are carved into the hillside.

This is definitely one of the most photographed canyons in America. It is called the Antelope Canyon and can be found near page, Arizona.

Göreme National Park and the Rock Sites of Cappadocia are two amazing volcanic landscapes that were created from erosion. That’s why they are nicknamed ‘fairy chimneys’, which can be seen across this region of Turkey. The Cappadocia Valley is home to thousand-year-old cave dwellings you can actually still visit today.


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