David Attenborough: If We Don’t Limit Our Population Growth, the Natural World Will


David Attenborough. That name might not mean much to you, but, he is a TV presenter and a naturalist, and, let’s just say, he has some tough opinions on the human race. Claims that “we are a plague on Earth”.

It’s not his first time to make such a controversial statement about the population growth. He has made it clear that at this rate the human race will soon be unable to feed or house itself.

Although it may come as an uncomfortable truth, according to Attenborough humans have become a plague on this planet — a relentless force of destruction tearing its way through a world shared with other creatures.

“It’s not just climate change we will lose space, places to grow food for this enormous horde,” he said in an interview.

“Either we limit our population growth, or the natural world will do it for us, and the natural world is doing it for us right now.”

The difficulty for the world is to basically “fix” serious challenges, meaning that the rapid growth of population is one of them.We need real discussions about the overpopulation which ultimately will lead to a loss of life and resources.

According to him, and now these are his words, “You can’t put infinity in something that is infinite, and our Earth is the example for this.”


Attenborough has made many efforts to bring awareness to the subject, but despite this simply acknowledging these eventualities is not enough. What we must do is act. Investing in proper sexual education on a global level, giving women more political control over their bodies and also implementing population control in developing countries might be some of the solutions.

“The last straw of hope, is that wherever women are given political control of their bodies, where they have the vote, education, appropriate medical facilities and they can read and have rights and so on, the birth rate falls, there’s no exceptions to that. ”

All women have a right to choose whether they give birth or not, and giving access to birth control and raising awareness is crucial accoring to Attenborough. Also, he claims that by empowering women, means, giving more informed choices when it comes to family planning choices.

Attenborough states that, our planet’s safety depends on it, thus stating it’s better to start doing it sooner, rather than later.


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