France Declares All New Roofs Must Be Topped With Plants Or Solar Panels…

A  law has been passed in France that will do wonders for the environment.

All new buildings constructed in commercial zones will have to have roofs fitted with solar panels, or plants.

So called ‘green roofs’ are becoming increasingly popular in cities where they serve not just as a much needed green space in otherwise polluted areas, they help insulate buildings, reducing the amount of energy needed to heat them in the winter and keep them cool in the summer.

The roofs can also provide homes for birds and other wildlife in the city and retain rainwater.

While the law states that only part of the roofs need to be covered, this is indeed a step in the right direction for helping the environment.

Green roofs have been made popular in Austria, Germany and Canada, where a similar law was passed in 2009 making green roofs compulsory on all new industrial and residential buildings.

Air pollution in many cities and built up areas is a serious problem. In some cities like London simply living there is the equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes per day.

Increasing the amount of green spaces are preserving the ones that currently exist is so important, but also a difficult task as nearly all spaces within cities are snapped up to become part of the money-making machine.

Green roofs are helpful to the environment in many ways, they can help prevent flooding, as they store water during times of heavy rainfall, they help filter noxious gasses from the air to prevent us breathing them.

Plus the importance of greenery on mental health plays a massive part, too. Simply having some kind of foliage in your eye line can help reduce depression in individuals, so increasing green spaces in cities could even have a positive effect on the city’s mental health.

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