Man Points Camera At Ice – Then Captures The Unimaginable On Film

James and his crew recently went to Greenland to collect images from the cameras that has been deployed all over the Arctic Circle in the past few years.

They were looking for some decent shots for a documentary that will be released soon – and none of them was really prepared for what they’ve seen.

James Balog who is really decent photographer from the USA, for quite a while actually didn’t believed in climate change. He hold on to this views until 2005 when he realized that something didn’t feel right when he took a closer look at how exactly climate changes might affect nature.

While he was on an expedition organized and funded by the National Geographic, he realized that there is an enormous damage that affected nature on the Arctic.

So, after 10 years James has filmed the documentary “Chasing Ice” and that was the main reason why he decided to film the very melting of glaciers with a lot of cameras. That’s when he managed to make these amazing shots that are probably the best pieces in his whole carrier.

In something less than one and a half hour, James and his crew members saw a piece of glacier with the size of the known Lower Manhattan how it falls into the ocean.

This event has found its place in the Guinness Book of Records and it shows that the situation for Earth’s climate is really alarming.

It is very unlikely that this geological disaster will be the last one that will happen.

You can check out the video about it here:

If we don’t menage to zero our global greenhouse emission by 2070, in might be too late afterwards.

There is not much you can do about this problem right now, but at least you can do is SHARE and spread the word.


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