12 Facts About Farting You Probably Didn’t Know

Farting. Burping. Huccuping.

These bodily functions sometimes can be annoying and embarrassing, but in certain moments can be pretty funny as well. But one is for sure: the leader between these three is of course – farting! But do you really know something more about, apart from the fact that they smell and sound pretty funny?

These are some of the things that you probably didn’t know about farting:

  •  In general, men are farting more than women does
  •  Originally, the meaning of this word (fart) is forth as wind from the anus and this word was coined back in 1962.
  •  Every average personal should fart at least 14 times in one day.
  •  Also, the air from that 14 farts is pretty much enough to fill up one balloon.
  •  You shouldn’t be ashamed of this routine, because it just means that you are healthy. Every healthy digestive tract is producing farts, so if you are not farting enough, maybe is time for you to visit your personal doctor and inform him about this recent change.
  •  Farts are made of a gas that is reducing the mitochondrial damage commonly known as hydrogen sulfide. This means that even smelling farts can be healthy for you. Remember this next time you fart and just take a deep breath.
  •  Women have a higher concentration of hydrogen sulfide and this makes their farts a bit more stinkier. Perhaps this means that it is healthier to smell women’s farts?
  •  Farts can be really fast. Maybe they can’t fly with the speed of light, but 10ft/sec is fascinating enough, don’t you think so?
  •  If your farts are louder, that’s because you have a tighter sphincter – which means that the area to squeeze trough is obviously tighter.
  •  Do you like drinking soda? What about chewing gums? These two things will make you fart even more.
  •  Most of the time we fart is during our sleep.
  •  All the termites are able to produce farts: Zebras, sheep, cows, camels, elephants and of course (we assume you already know this) – dogs! On the top of the list you will find Retrievers and Labradors.


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