40 Suggestions To Enjoy Your Forties To The Fullest

Carl Jung puts the light on an interesting life philosophy with this statement: “Life really does begin at 40. Up until then, you are just doing research.”

Many people can relate to the fact that living in your forties is a bit different than previous years. This decade is often described as more satisfying than the period before.

Being in your 40 means that the time has come for you to wisely use the knowledge and experience you gained through years. You have a better perspective of “how the world works”, so now is time to take a break and enjoy.

So, make sure you know or do the things from the list below before you are 40. I bet you’ll find them interesting.

Read on:

You do not hang out with dozens of friends anymore, and that is just ok for you!

You have been dreaming of traveling the world!

Things don’t always have to go by a plan and it turns out awesome!

The main priority became a good night sleep!

You took your time to recover from that bad break up with the person who meant everything to you and you moved on!

Your experiment in the kitchen turned out to be your favorite dish now!

You are a karaoke king after you “had a few”!

But yet, singing karaoke hurts your ears if you are sober!

You care for your daily outfit to the same extent you do for the color of your toilet’s lid!

Weekend benders don’t sound so attractive anymore!

Your “career path” looks pretty thorny!

Only you decide whether you get a pet or not!

You have more socially responsible goals like keeping the nature, donating etc.!

You already know if you want to raise children or not!

‘Success” doesn’t mean the same to you anymore!

Your intimacy has reached a higher level!

Having your own den is a blessing!

You can feel the effects of fatty food pretty quickly, and sadly they bring nothing positive anymore!

Formal events disguise you!

As you realized “the life is short” as they say, you start living it to the fullest!

You can remember at least one tragedy that was an eye opener for you!

If you didn’t learn how to socialize until now, you won’t learn ever!

You started finding hidden treasures in books!

If you are not the type to do exercise, you won’t get caught now!

You started scattering advice to younger people!

It seems a little bit late for changes now- you can either dance or not!

You either find pleasure in marijuana, from time to time, or you totally hate it!

You are sick of other people’s bull****!

You don’t get frustrated if someone “forgot” to send you an invitation to his party!

You realize you don’t even use 99% of the things you had to learn in college!

You can still learn new things – you just have to get very passionate about it!

You set your mind on avoiding hangovers-you already had enough of them!

The child in you hasn’t grown up yet- you still enjoy playing video and computer games!

You give blessings to the unknown person who has invented the “Snooze” button, almost every morning!

You are thankful for the things you have in life!

You like your robes, cardigans, and slippers!

You don’t waste your time and energy on pointless arguments anymore!

Your call log consists mostly of your family numbers and co-workers!

Receiving emails and phone calls is irritating to you!

Your favorite nights are the ones spent alone or with your loving one!

So, honestly, haven’t you related to most of them?

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