Are You Tesla, Einstein or Da Vinci? Pick A Photo And Find Out Which Great Scientist YOU are Most Alike!

Choose a photo from the picture below and SCROLL DOWN to see which scientist are you most alike

















1.You are Nikola Tesla!

You are born genius, you are creative, curious and very rational. Your strongest character sign is that you have a powerful imagination. For you, it is really easy to fix problems without any help. Sometimes when you have a creative idea it can make you forget food, sleep, friends, love, and everything!

image: Photons seen under a microscope

2.You are Leonardo da Vinci

You are 90 percent inspiration and 10 percent perspiration. You are the original “idea man.” You cannot stop your mind from wildly spewing new ideas like an unmanned fire hose. And although it’s true that very few of your ideas will ever become reality you are working hard to succeed in life, everybody likes you and you like everybody.

image: A painting seen under a microscope

3.You are Galileo Galilei!

You find most interest in math, space, and physics. Your studies and curiosity will help you to create things that are as useful today as they will be in 100 years. You aren’t afraid to challenge prior ideologies based on what you have learned and what you believe in.

image: The full universe network known to us till now

4.You are Albert Einstein!

You are restless and curious with a great imagination and mathematical mind. You don’t let failed attempts hold you back, instead, they inspire you! You believe a mistake can be your greatest learning experience. Your creative spirit makes you fun and interesting to be around.

image: Molecules seen under a digital microscope

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