Graffiti Robot That Paints Walls In Hard To Reach Places

SprayPrinter is the company that developed a graffiti robot that can climb up and down walls to create large-scale murals. The prototype device is built by combining five spray cans, each with SprayPrinter heads attached, to a little robot that climbs a wall and paints whatever giant image it is programmed to. It doesn’t use camera to keep track of its location, instead, it is tracked by a computer that can constantly ascertain its position by calculating its place on the cable it runs up and down.

The system is able to to create a full-color printed image on just one pass by modulating the duration of each color spray. It can mix colors on the fly, but painting the mural color mixing were not on the surface of the wall. Small dots of different colors were actually printed side-by-side, so that when the eye views the mural from a distance those colors blend together.

With this type of painting it is relatively cost-effective for large-scale decorative walls in the future. Watch the giant mural come to life in the video below.

Source: SprayPrinter

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