Here’s Earth After All The Ice Melts [VIDEO]

Global sea levels are expected to rise over 90cm in the coming generations, displacing hundreds of millions of people, NASA said this week. And the space agency is prepared to catalog the disappearance of Earth’s coastlines in rich scientific detail. If this trend continues and all our polar ice caps and glaciers melt, it’s been predicted that the oceans will rise by a mind-blowing 216 feet. So where will all that water end up? This terrifying video was created by  Business Insider video team to take you on a virtual tour of what all the continents would look like without any ice, and we don’t like what we see!

Sea levels have been rising at a greater rate year after year, and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change estimates they could rise by another meter or more by the end of this century. We learned last year that many of the effects of climate change are irreversible.

As National Geographic showed us in 2013, sea levels would rise by 216 feet if all the land ice on the planet were to melt. This would dramatically reshape the continents and drown many of the world’s major cities.


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