Online IQ Tests Can`t Handle This 7 Features Study That Reveals What All Of The Geniuses Have In Common


Do you consider yourself as a genius? You might be one.

If you thought you weren’t that intelligent, you may have several features that intelligent people are labeled with. It`s confirmed that these people share the same personality traits, habits and behaviors.

So, check out if any of these seven features match your personality. You might be smarter than you were aware of:

1. You want to know everything.

Are you trying to gather as much information as you can, even in themes you aren’t naturally interested in? Do you find yourself turning over the Internet to find answers to questions that were running through your mind for a while? Do you usually engage in experiments just to satisfy your curiosity, no matter if it`s about little everyday things, like trying a new ingredient in a recipe?

It`s in the nature of a genius to constantly seek ways to satisfy its curiosity. They tirelessly try to find answers to the questions that are popping up in their mind.

2. You say your thoughts aloud.

If you are caught talking to yourself frequently, don`t worry. You might be a genius. Who doesn`t need an expert’s opinion, right?

The mind of a genius is working non-stop. Problems, ideas, and dialogue are constantly turning in their heads. So, when the process is getting more intense, they tend to speak or mumble their thoughts aloud.

3.You read constantly.

I`m sure you can think of at least two people who love to read. Well, geniuses are obsessed with it.

One part of them is focused on exploring some particular area, such as manga or science fiction. Others want to gather information from everywhere and everything. These enjoy both nonfiction and fiction equally.

Regardless of your personal preferences, if you are the type to keep the bookshelves full and find yourself constantly seeking new things to read, you are a genius for certain.

4. You love challenging yourself.

If you enjoy solving logic puzzles, word puzzles, and trivia games, you can brag around about being a genius. Science says that this is one of the features which most of the high intelligence people have in common.

While average people check their Facebook pages, a genius is training his mind by doing crossword puzzles or playing sudoku.

5. You seem to be absent frequently.

You can often find them psychically absent. Deep thoughts and ideas are constantly overtaking their mind and they analyze them in detail.

They don`t take the time to relax. Geniuses are a 100% occupied with their projects and ideas, and often, from nowhere, words are coming out from their mouth that don’t make sense to what is happening in front of them.

They seem like they`re a little bit lost. It`s not uncommon for them to forget appointments or lose things. Their mind is absent. They can even enter a room and forget why they came in.

6. You tried to escape from your own mind.

They reach for alcohol or drugs to handle the pressure. This is not just a movie script. There are many cases in history that prove this to be true.

Many scientists, artists, musicians, writers and other creative geniuses were struggling with addiction. Some of them got addicted while trying to encounter new experiences, away from the chaos they were constantly living in. Others used drugs or alcohol to try to fit better in society.

This is the most unpleasant thing to do, but if you found yourself in these situations earlier in time, this may explain why.

7. You worry and overthink things.

They are smart and therefore, they should feel confident in every situation. After all, they’re geniuses.

But, it`s not easy for them to do this. They frequently have doubts about things. This is a result of their consciousness that one cannot know everything, truths and knowledge are constantly changing. So, instead of being full of confidence, they often have feelings of inadequacy.

Now that you`ve got an update of a genius profile, you might think that you aren`t one. Think again.

You probably took those IQ tests available online that show you the result in a pop-up window and you thought you were a genius based on that. Let us enlighten you: they are 100% fake.

On the other hand, even if you make a professional IQ test, the final results don`t take into consideration the effects of the situations that caused you problems while resolving them. This would lower your IQ for sure.

In the end, if we put aside all that IQ testing thing, at least you can do is to start treating yourself as a genius. Find the inspiration inside yourself to guide you through learning new things and start exploring.


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