If You Want To Get Your Name Become Immortal In Time READ THIS!

If you wanna get your name become immortal in time, then look no further. Try and help fund a brick to be used to build the Nikola Tesla Museum. A crowdfunding campaign launched by famed cartoonist, Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal, puts a clever twist on raising money for the construction of the museum. A lot of people who support the work of Tesla are encouraged to buy a brick with a personal touch which helps the construction of the Museum itself.



Inman’s initial crowdfunding campaign launched in 2012 raised $1.3 million which was used to purchase the land and foundation to where Nikola Tesla’s final laboratory (Wardenclyffe Tower) in Shoreham, New York. Inman’s The Oatmeal later followed up with a comic asking Elon Musk for a donation that will “help us build a Goddamn Tesla Museum”. Elon gladly answered with a generous $1 million donation this past July on the date of Nikola Tesla’s birthday.

If you think that you can give any kind of contribution to the project thus helping this become a reality, feel free to purchase a brick or something as benign as a t-shirt in their IndieGoGo ‘Buy a Brick for the Nikola Tesla Museum‘ campaign.


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