Samsung Warns Customers Not To Discuss Personal Information In Front Of Smart Tvs

As many of you probably know, Smart technologies, especially smartphones with the Facebook application usually come along with privacy issues. However, recently Samsung announced a rather ominous warning to the users via their privacy policy.

The company requested that customers “please be aware that if your spoken words include personal or other sensitive information, that information will be among the data captured and transmitted to a third party through your use of Voice Recognition.”

In other words, this means that if you want to use the voice remote setting for your newest Smart TV, you might send more than just requesting a channel to Samsung. Therefore, if you have any illegal activities going on or a secret you need to keep, you should probably keep it to a minimum in front of your new smart TV.

After their privacy policy received the expected backlash, Samsung issued a new statement clarifying how the voice activation feature works: “If a consumer consents and uses the voice recognition feature, voice data is provided to a third party during a requested voice command search.” They further stated: “At that time, the voice data is sent to a server, which searches for the requested content then returns the desired content to the TV.”

The company added that it needs to send your voice commands to third-party called Nuance Communications, Inc. in order to convert your speech to text.

Samsung also revealed that the Smart TVs collect your voice commands for research purposes in order to determine whether the feature needs some improvements.

Samsung reassured its customers that it doesn’t retain or sell the voice data, but it still refused to name the third party that translates the users’ speech. So, even though they won’t be selling the data, there could always be the possibility for Nuance Communications to sell the data to outside parties, or just transmit it to them.

Can you imagine? Your most private conversations might be given to another company to listen at will.

There’s no doubt this is very creepy and gives off “Big Brother” vibes, doesn’t it?

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