If You Go To Bed Early And Swear A Lot – You May Be The Next Einstein

It’s not uncommon for people with higher intelligence to act a bit different from others. They have a separate perception of things, unconventional judgment and react in different ways to situations.

It’s believed that people with higher IQ take less care about their daily trifles. While other people are preoccupied with many daily items, a highly intelligent person doesn’t bother if he will get into bed on time, if he is tidy or try to “watch his language”.

Smart people swear a lot!

They really do so. Their cleverness only helps them calculate the precise time they should start their “swearing concert”. Usually, swearing is prescribed to people who aren’t intelligent enough to interact at the same level of constructive critics as the interlocutor, so, in lack of words they use swears in “pointing a big idea”.

Opposed to that, a recent research shows that intelligent people who are believed to have wider vocabulary and fluency, have also developed better capabilities to produce swears. It’s believed that these two characteristics actually influence the swearing. So, according to this study, intelligent man and women both have one thing highly in common- they use their high fluency and vocabulary to produce swears and slurs.

Most of the highly intelligent people are night owls from early ages.

This is proven in a study conducted in the USA. The participants were younger Americans, and the results showed that the ones that got higher levels of IQ tend to go to bed later.

Also, it was noted that “more intelligent kids grow up to be more nocturnal as grownups than less smart kiddies.”

Therefore, the final numbers show that the participants with IQ higher than 125 tend to go to sleep at around 00:29 on weeknights. The participants were at early adulthood age. The others, with IQ of around 75, were falling asleep at 23:41.

They enjoy living in their organized chaos.

Yep, that’s Einstein.

So, don’t get nervous when you see an untidy table. Whoever has it, it’s certainly a person with higher IQ. At the University of Minnesota, a group of psychological experts argued that a messy table initiates creative thinking and incites brand new tips.

The logic behind this is: when you are placed in a messy environment, you’ll get bigger inspiration to come up with more creative ideas. This correlates with the idea that in this kind of situation, a human with high IQ can easily break out the old-fashioned way of thinking and will be able to develop new principles of solving problems. The scientists use the untidy desk simulation to explain the higher imagination that smarter people have and the way they set their mind when are placed in given situation, things that on normal occasions are usually ignored.

Finally, I bet you have in mind an “Einstein” human, working late at night on his messy desk, swearing like sailor while working on his next great discovery.

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