Scientists Discover That Water Has Memory. This Video BLOWS My Mind!

For millenniums humanity has looked at water as something to just feed us, clean our body with, to grow plants and give us food, various mechanical help ect…

However, what may be THE DISCOVERY OF OUR MILLENNIUM and to be the turning point in human consciousness is that water may be more DIVINE than we ever thought of.

Human body is more that 70 % made of water, and Earth is also 71% percent covered with water. Our DNA holds a code through which an individual is “manufactured” and each of us differs from any other human being by the information of this code.

This MIND BLOWING REVELATION is that Water has memory!!! In other information, your tears hold a memory of your whole being, bodies of water are stored information of what each drop in there went through , and rain is just a transfer of information. That’s how we are globally always connected.




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