The Way You Sit Reveals A Lot About Your Personality

It is known that body language is probably the most accurate form of truth telling and many experts and psychologists agree that what we do unconsciously says a lot about us, but that also applies when we are sitting down. There are five categories of personalities that you may belong to:

  • a) Position A – You believe that issues will somehow go away on their own. One good example that illustrates this is “the monster will leave the room if I cover myself with a blanket!”. It’s true, sometimes problems can go away in their own, but when that’s not the case – you always seem to start fingerpointing. These people are very communicative and they are never boring. When they need to process something out and make a decision, they always do It in less than a week. Sometimes they might feel childish, but very often they appear to be very charming and creative. Their life moto would be “First jump, and say hop later”.
  • b) Position B – These types of people seem to be dreamers and they have really strong imagination. When they are working, people like to refer to them as the “heart” or maybe the “soul” of the company. Often they can come up with some great ideas, they are easygoing when making new friends is on the table and they enjoy travelling. They don’t seem to lose much time in overthinking, they like to act and adapt quickly to all of the changes that life can bring: business, partner or changing of the city (or even country!) where they live. Adapting to changes seems like a pretty normal everyday thing to them.
  • c) Position C – Their main field of interest and what they are really good at – is comfort. The have keen eye for detail and even if they don’t spend much time preparing for going at the mall, they will sure spend a lot of time deciding what is the right perfume for them. They perceive the chaos like order and they are a little capricious and choosy. On the other side, their attention can’t be focused on a specific thing for a longer period of time.
  • d) Position D – These people has principles as their main expertise. They hate it when they are late, but also can be really mad at the other people who tend to be late. They are smart, sharp and intelligent. They don’t tend to show their feelings in public because they are a bit afraid of overexposing themselves. Pretty direct and open – but often also very neet by nature. Everything that somehow contradicts their opinion, they will confront it without any thinking!
  • e) Position E – These people believe that patience is golden. They are not in a hurry and they believe that everything should come at it’s own time. They often rush towards their goals and they tend to be very persistent, in some case they may also appear even stubborn. Also, their appearances hold a very important place in their head and they always tend to maintain a great form. Of course, maybe behind this lays a little bit of insecurity and that’s why they often tend to avoid accepting criticism, even if that’s a constrictive one.


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