The Way You Sit Reveals A Lot About Your Personality

They say that body language is the most accurate form of truth telling. Body language experts and psychologists which delve in that field state that what we do unconsciously says a lot about who we are and that, that behavior manifests when we are sitting down. According to them, you belong in 1 of the 5 categories of personalities below:

  • Position A – Issues go away on their own according to you. Classic example is “If I cover my head with a blanket, the monster will go away!”. In some cases that might be the case, and the problems go away on their own, but sometimes not, and when that happens, fingerpointing is what you turn to. It’s really easy to communicate with these people. They are not boring at all, they switch easy and a period of a week to process something is quite long for them. They are very charming, creative and sometimes can even be a little childish. Main motto would be “Jump first, say hop later”.
  • Position B – Dreamers. Imagination is their main driving force, thus dreaming big as well. At work, they are being referred to as the “soul” or the “heart” of the company. Idea generation falls under this category as they often generate new and sometimes brilliant ideas. They make new friends quite easy, and traveling is a big part of their life. More or less everything can start at an instant, so Monday’s or New Year is awaited impatiently. They don’t think about it a lot. In all that fuss, they are very adaptable and can quickly change their partner, appearance, business, city and even a state. All of this is normal for them.
  • Position C – Comfort as main expertise and interest. Going to the mall, making perfect appearances is not something of a big interest, but, they can spend a lot of time choosing the right detail, such as the perfume, or cream. Capricious and choosy. Surrounded by “chaos” to others, but order to them. They can find everything they need with their eyes closed. On the bad side though, they have the attention span of a “gold fish” meaning that they can’t concentrate for a longer period of time, or keep their focus on something special. Also, they go off topic in conversations very easily.
  • Position D – Principle. You don’t want to be late, but also, you don’t want the other to be late as well. Very smart, intelligent, and a motto of “bad peace is better than a good quarrel” is a driver in their character. Not overexposed, and they are concerned to show their feelings in a public place (whether those might be anger, passion…). If the legs are connected and they rely on the whole foot as support, then that means that the person is open, direct, also, some might also say insolent. Means also that he/she is very neat by nature. If in this position, he/she wants to raise the foot and the support falls back on the arch of the heel, it’s quite a good indication that they will be the devil’s advocate, meaning that they will confront anyone or anything which contradicts their opinion. They build a fortress around them.
  • Position E – Patience is a virtue they hold dear. They don’t rush in, and if they even want to enter a marriage, family won’t be an initial thought. They think that everything should come in it’s own time. They are very persistent (sometimes can seem even stubborn). They rush towards their goals. Driving force is their ambition, and they will do anything to forget about their surroundings just to go to the place where dreams come true. Appearances are also a big part of them, and they want to always maintain a perfect form. Unfortunately, there is a small insecurity which lies buried deep within them, and they can’t accept criticism, even if that’s a friendly and constructive one.
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