THIS is What All The Elements In The Periodic Table Actually Are Used For

The periodic table has exactly 118 elements. For example, every single one of us knows that chlorine is used in the swimming pools, calcium is the thing present in milk and bones, and helium has the ability to float balloons. But, other than existing in some scientists laboratory, what is the use of, let’s say, gallium, antimony or molybdenum?

Recently, a guy named Keith Enevoldsen created so-called an interactive periodic table. This table shows all the everyday applications of all the known elements, except for the ultra-heavy elements, that don’t exist in nature, are short-lived or they are only used in atomic research.

Take, let’s say, strontium. Other than being just a memory from chemistry class that slowly fades away, this alkali Earth metal is a component that is commonly used in flares and red fireworks. Also, it is used for medical diagnostic tracers and in clear batteries.

There is an available PDF file of the table that you can download, which, of course, is a very helpful teaching tool. Also what’s very important is that this table doesn’t look too overwhelming to kids, and it still contains the key features of a conventional periodic table. Also, you could buy it in a poster formif you’re more into hanging things on your wall.

Move to Enevoldsen’s website if you’d like to check out the full interactive map. This is just a small sneak preview of the map:

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