This Looks Like An Old Rotting Tree, But Look Closer And Your Jaw Will Drop


Looking at this pictures , it will seem like a rotting tree is presented, what is it doing there and how it grew up there. However, look at it closer and it will become very clear that this is a special kind of tree…

In China, there is an ancient practice of carving impressive sculptures into trees. It is a revered art form. For centuries masters have been turning bland pieces of wood into awe-inspiring masterpieces, more or less impressing as this…



This masterpiece is made by the artist Zheng Chunhui. It is simply mind-blowing, you just have to see it for yourself.



The name of the piece is “Along The River During The Quinming Festival.” A very fitting name as you look at this picture’s glory.



It is long twelve feet and the tree has been recognized as the longest tree carving in the world.


It covers a total area of 39 feet and there are more than 550 individually carved figures present on the piece. Just simply takes your breath away.


It is inspired by a famous Chinese painting of the same name by Zhang Zeduan of the Song Dynasty. It depicts the festivities that take place during this springtime festival.



The piece was completed in 4 years.



This spectacular work of art is a testimony not just to China’s great traditions, but to the unique art forms practiced for centuries within the country. What a sight to behold.




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