Al Bielek is a man who claims he spent 6 weeks in 2137 and 2 years in 2749. As he develops his memories, man can only be astonished or stressed out. A lot of what he reveals, for example the climate change and The New World Over take over, is happening right now!

This all happened as a secret time travel research government project from United States, called The Montauk Project. It was conducted at Camp Hero or Montauk Air Force Station on Montauk, Long Island, where except time travel, they also researched developing psychological warfare techniques.

Al describes what he remembers after he jumped off the U.S.S. Eldrige on August 13th 1943 – Date of the Philadelphia Experiment.
He found himself waking up in a hospital , together with his brother, Duncan Cameron, in the future, for 6 weeks, where he recovered from radiation injuries.

The medical system used vibrational and light treatments, the TV programs were educational, central government was gone. The loose form of local material law existed of 2137. U.S. infrastructure had collapsed and the U.S. and Canada were not referred to as nations.

The earth  changes caused a lot of geographical changes that began in 2025. The coastlines and interior of U.S. and Europe were changed. The water level has risen and hit Florida, Atlanta who had just 3 miles from the ocean and Mississippi had become and island.

The government had the technology to reduce radiation damage and nuclear waste within two days, and also there is technology used to clean the radiation left from WW3.

The he found himself inexplicably in the year 2749 for nearly two years. There were ground based and floating cities. The floating cities also could be moved to different parts of the earth. There was a Synthetic Intelligence Computer System , that could ran everything. There was no government and people used telepathy. The structure was completely socialistic, and the basic needs for survival were taken care of for all the people.

After those two years, Al was taken back to 2173 to pick up Duncan , after which they were both taken back to 1983.

Imagine all this…Believe it or not??…



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