Wi-fi That Charges Your Gadgets Is Closer Than You Think

One more thing Tesla envisioned might become a reality. An electricity “router” might just become a reality as a group of scientists from University of Washington, USA, managed to recharge batteries wirelessly thanks to this special “router”. They’ve named it PoWiFi and they managed to recharge batteries at a distance of 8.5 meters meaning they were gathering it’s energy from the WiFi and charged in a continuous manner.

It was created by a team that includes CSE Professor Shyam Gollakota, CSE and EE professor Josh Smith, EE Ph.D Vamsi Talla, CSE alum (and current EE Ph.D) Bryce Kellogg, former CSE postdoc Ben Ransford and EE Ph.D Saman Dareiparizi.

They state that even though trials have been quite successful, it’s quite early to see a more public/widespread use of this technology within the near future. Currently, this won’t do much if you want to charge your phone for example. The power output is small, and in order to power your phone, it will need to generate a million times bigger output.

As an addition, the energy supply of a “router” is carried out in every direction, meaning that it’s weakening it’s strength.

You can actually see the entire thing here (that’s the whole paper).

Original article here.

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