According To Science, She Has The Perfect Body

Kelly brook is a model and actress from England. According to science, she appears to have the perfect body.

She is one in a million

Researchers from the University of Texas has made a survey where both men and women were supposed to give their opinion on what they think is the perfect body. It appears that their build measurements were 34-24-34 which appears to be Kelly Brook’s build, which supposedly is the perfect human body according to this research.

There is no contest

Every single part of her body including breasts, hips, hair, waist and face were actually a part of the study and it appears that Kelly was on top in every area.

She is absolutely gorgeous

If you don’t believe the participants of this study, you can see for yourself:

She’s always keeping it classy

Luckily, people didn’t actually vote for a stick figure build, that appears to be quite trendy nowadays.


No matter what kinds of dresses she is wearing, she always looks amazing.


She is just perfect

Not only according to science, but to your own eyes also. This is the perfect woman of this generation.


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