Autistic Teenager With a Higher IQ than Einstein On Path To Nobel Prize

Jacob Brannet is a young genius who at the age of only nine went to pursue University and worked on Einstein’s theory of relativity.

He has an inspiring story behind him. When he first enrolled in school his parents were told that their son would never be able to learn anything.. Concerned about his problem, they took him to a doctor and he was soon diagnosed with Aspergers. People who have this type of autism are not able to learn small tasks, such as to tie your own shoes.

But little Jacob surprised everyone with his tremendous memory that allowed him to memorize quickly. He could easily learn the entire high school math curriculum in just two weeks!

When he was 11 years old, he made a video of him that looked pretty normal until he started explaining why Einstein’s theory does not convince him at all. For his mother what he was saying was simply incomprehensible, and soon the video ended up on YouTube.

The video caught the attention of an important professor, Scott Tremaine, who works Advanced Study at the Princeton University in New Jersey.

“I am very impressed by the interest in your son’s physics and by the amount of knowledge he has so far assimilated. The theory on which Jake is working involves some of the most difficult problems in astrophysics and theoretical physics. Anyone who solves these will be in line for a Nobel Prize.”

Jacob has a high IQ, astonishing 170 which is even higher than Albert Einstein’s. This young man is already graduating in Astrophysics and is about to complete the PhD in Quantum Physics. Jacob is currently a researcher at Purdue University in Indianapolis and has several scientific publications in his curriculum and is devoting himself to a project for expanded version of the Theory of Relativity. He thinks that he has enough time for this project, stating that Einstein was 26 when he published his first study.

“I’m still working, I have an idea to prove it unfounded, but I still have to define the details of the path to follow”, he said.


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