Boy’s brain X-ray shocks doctors across the world: Now parents want to warn others

Before becoming a parent you never notice how dangerous your house might be. Many things that never crossed your mind suddenly become danger zones, and as a new parent you don’t know what could possibly be dangerous for your child. Every parent tries to childproof the home, but how can you be sure that you’ve secured every detail?

What happened to these parents was so unbelievably scary that made it to the headlines, not only nationally but worldwide as well.

Chen Chen is a 2-year old kid, who one day while jumping on his bed suddenly tumbled and fell on the floor. Unfortunately the outcome of the accident was much worse than just a small bump on his head.

When little Chen Chen fell on the floor, he landed on an electrical power socket, and the socket pins were pierced into his head.

After taking him to the hospital, the X-rays showed a horrifying picture of the pins in the boy’s brain. It shocked his parents but also families and doctors around the world.

The little boy had to get surgery immediately, and surgeons tried to remove the socket as carefully as possible, knowing it might cause more serious problems. The doctors still don’t know if this accident will cause long-term damage but after the successful operation they are staying optimistic.

This is just an example of how difficult it might be to secure every part of your house, and also how important is to warn other parents that you can never be too careful.

The best thing we can do is SHARE this warning with all parents of young children!


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