High-tech suicide machine makes death a painless, peaceful, optimal way to go

We do live in a very chaotic world. To die in an orderly, peaceful manner sounds so far away nowadays, but not anymore! Recently, technological marvel has been invented – a brand new “suicide machine”! It’s called The Sarco and it looks like a futuristic sleeping chamber that allows people to exit life voluntarily.

It was invented by Philip Nitschke, a doctor from Australia. This device is here to make the dying process easy and painless – or in other words, an optimal way to go.

Fhilip’s organization is called Exit International and it refers to itself as an “aid-in-dying” organization. Apart from the amazing looks that can comfortably fit a human which, the user can simply push a button and the chamber will just “fill up with liquid nitrogen in order to bring the oxygen level down to about 5 percent”. In something more than one minute, the user will slowly become unconscious without feeling any pain. But that’s not all. After the whole process, this chamber has another use – it can also be a coffin!

Exit international recently said in a press release that this machine was designed in a way that can be “3D print and assembled in any location” and all the info you need in order to make this, can be easily found on the internet. All the potential users will have to fulfill a so-called “mental questionnaire” that’s also available on the internet. Once that’s done, the user will receive a 4-digit code that can open the capsule door. This is just the first step to a “peaceful death in just a few minutes”.

Newsweek says that some suicide clinics that are based in Sweden has shown some interest in licensing Sarco for use. But some other countries will be interested in this machine for sure, since assisted suicide is now legal in Luxembourg, Colombia, Belgium, Canada and the Netherlands. The things are a bit different for the US because in most states there should be at least two doctors that should verify the legitimacy of these kinds of requests. Still, many people in America believe that “doctors should be allowed to end a patient’s life by painless means”.

Philip Nitschke (who also believes that euthanasia should be completely legal option for anyone that is at least 70 years old) is pushing for assisted suicide as a civil right.

“These are people who are used to getting their own way, running their own lives,” Nitschke told the Big Smoke earlier this year. “A lot of the women have gone through political battles around abortion rights, feminism, the Pill. They don’t want to be told how to live or how to die. The idea that you can pat these people on the head and say ‘there, there, let the doctors decide’ is frankly ridiculous…People’s lives are people’s lives. Death is a part of that, and so it should be up to them to make the decisions.”


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