If These 4 Signs Are Labeled To You-You Are Probably More Intelligent Than You Think

You don`t have to take an IQ test to prove your intelligence anymore. Scientists discover four signs of intelligence that distinguish intelligent people from the mass.

Check if some apply to you:

  1. You’re politically liberal.

People with high IQ levels are usually socially liberal in their outlook and in most of the cases, this is all because of evolutionary reasons.

The evolutionary psychologist at the London School of Economics and Political Science, Satoshi Kanazawa, claims that smart people would rather seek for novel ideas, than sticking to conservative ones.

Kanazawa once stated:  “General intelligence, the ability to think and reason, endowed our ancestors with advantages in solving evolutionarily novel problems for which they did not have innate solutions,” “As a result, intelligent people are more likely to recognize and understand such novel entities and situations than less intelligent people.”

This is confirmed by another study conducted by the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health. The results showed that young adults that scored averagely, an IQ of 106, identify themselves as “very liberal”, as opposed to the ones that identify as “very conservative” and had shown lower IQ level – 95. This strengthened the Kazanawas` assertion that we mentioned before.

Another study found that for the countries that are known to be more conservative in political outlooks and policies, the citizens score lower on international tests of mathematics achievement.

Overall, we can make a conclusion that there is a strong correlation between intelligence form the one side and the social an economic liberal views from the other side.

  1. You drink alcohol regularly.

Probably, the reason lays in our evolutionary growth. It sounds a little bit strange, but science has confirmed this. Consuming alcohol may be a sign of intelligence.

Again, Satoshi Kanazawa and colleagues conducted a study which this time included young Brits and Americans. The results showed that teenagers that scored higher IQ`s tend to drink more alcohol in adulthood opposed to the others, who were less intelligent.

Generally, the high IQ measured on teenagers was mostly based on their health habits. On the other side, the same correlation was proved to be relevant for alcohol consumption. Kanazava explains that these results represent the effects of the natural ability of intelligent individuals to develop evolutionarily novel values. Consumption of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs are considered to be evolutionarily novel.

  1. You have used recreational drugs

The studies that take into consideration drug use showed similar results.

Researchers James W. White Ph.D. and colleagues, in 2012, conducted a study that included 6000 Brits born in 1958. The goal set was proving the connection between the high IQ in childhood and the use of illegal drugs later in life. And, their final conclusion was: “High IQ at 11 years was associated with a greater likelihood of using selected illegal drugs 31 years later,”

They argue that “in contrast to most studies on the association between childhood IQ and later health,” their study serves as proof that “a high childhood IQ may prompt the adoption of behaviors that are potentially harmful to health in adulthood.”

However, the study doesn`t claim that people with higher IQ are more likely to become drug addicts. It just proved that intelligent people like to make more experiments at some stage in their life’s.

  1. You’re thin.

A study from 2006, shows that intelligence is correlated with the volume of your waistline.

The researchers gathered the data from 2,223 healthy workers aged 32 to 62 years. The ones who stick to healthier behaviors, and obviously had a smaller waistline, scored better than the rest.

A different type of study showed a reverse correlation between the level of intelligence in childhood, and obesity and weight gain in adulthood. The participants were then around 11 years old, and the results indicated that those who scored lower on verbal and non-verbal tests were more likely to be overweight in their 40s.

Finally, we can make a conclusion that intelligent people are more likely to accept behaviors and ideas that are different from conservative ways of thinking and behaving. They are the type to seek out novel ideas and experienceseven if this leads to some risk-taking behaviors. In general, they like eating healthily and taking care of themselves.


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