This Surgery Makes Short People A Foot Taller

Finally, good news for short people! Surgery called limb lengthening or precice tibia lengthening will help all short people to become something around one foot taller.

So far, this procedure has been successfully accomplished and it exists for almost 70 years. The first surgery of this kind was made from a doctor named Gavril A. Ilizarov after seeing a lot of veterans from WWII that had leg fractures that weren’t able to heal easily. If you are more interested about how exactly this surgery is performed, you should watch the video bellow. And of course, don’t try this at home!

This surgery makes short people a few inches taller

This surgery makes short people a few inches taller.

Posted by Hashem Al-Ghaili on Tuesday, October 17, 2017

“Limb lengthening and reconstruction techniques can be used to replace missing bone and lengthen and/ or straighten deformed bone segments. The procedures may be performed on both children and adults who have limb length discrepancies due to birth defects, diseases or injuries. The limb lengthening and deformity correction process works on the principle of distraction osteogenesis. This is a revolutionary concept that reverses the long-held belief that bone cannot be regenerated. In this process, a bone that has been cut during surgery can be gradually distracted (pulled apart), leading to new bone formation (osteogenesis) at the site of the lengthening. In this way, bone segments can be lengthened by 15 to 100 percent of their original length. We use a variety of techniques, including the use of monolateral (one-sided) and circular external fixation devices, to correct angular deformities as well as limb length discrepancies.”
~ Hospital for Special Surgery


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