9 Types Of Pain That Are Directly Linked To Emotional States

Physical pain has a lot to do with our emotional state.

It’s true, life can be tough sometimes. That’s when you may start feeling like you are on some kind of emotional rollercoaster. But did you know that those emotions may cause a decline in your physical health that can lead to physical suffering?

The western medicine has a tendency to neglect the link between the emotions, the spirit and the body. But if you start paying a bit more attention to all the signs that your body is sending and truly experience how the physical and the emotional are related, you will become able to really understand, detect and treat these problems much less effort.

Here you can find nine types of pain that are related to specific different emotional states of every human being. These signs may indicate that you are experiencing some emotional difficulties or that your stress levels are pretty high:

1. You feel pain in your head.

If you have a stressful day, it is normal to expect a headache. So that’s why you should take your time to relax and rest at times. When you are rested, you will need less time to achieve everything that you needed to do in a day.

2. You feel pain in your neck.

If you feel pain in your others, it’s not far from the truth that you actually might having troubles forgiving others or yourself. So, if you’ve recently experienced this kind of pain, you should take your time and consider the things you love about people that you are surrounded with.

3. You feel pain in your shoulders.

This kind of pay may indicate that you are carrying a very heavy emotional burden, and actually that’s where the phrase “shouldering a problem” really comes from. That’s why you should try to focus on some proactive problem solving and try to distribute some of that burden to all the other people that are present in your life.

4. You feel pain in your upper back.

Usually, this kind of pain actually means that you are lacking some emotional support. For example, if you feel somehow unwanted or unloved. That’s why, if you feel this pain recently and you are still single – maybe you should consider going out on a date (or two!).

5. Lower back pain

Lower back pain is present when you appear to be too worried about money. So, if you are experiencing this, it is perhaps time to ask for raise on your current job spot or maybe try to find another job that is more paid.

6. Elbows pain

This kind of pain may main that you appear to be very resistant to all the changes that are happening in your life. So, stiff arms may mean a stiff life also. So, you should try to make compromises and just take a time to think everything through.

7. You feel pain in your hands.

If you are not reaching out to others in the right way – maybe the pain in your hands is the result of it. So, you should definitely consider making some new friends, or just grabbing a lunch with your colleague. You have to start making some new connections, and of course – a little change is always welcomed.

8. Hips pain

This pain may indicate that you are quite resistant to moving on and changing. It can also appear when you are being too cautious while you are making important decisions.

9. You feel pain in your knees

Pain in the knees can be a sign that maybe, just maybe – your ego is a little too big and you have very high thinking of yourself. At these times, remember you are just a mortal being and try to do some volunteering job. You’ll feel better.


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