Meet the 22-Year-Old Physics Genius That Harvard Believes is the Next Einstein

Meet Sabrina Gonzales Pasterski – the 14 year old girl that showed up into MIT’s offices and was seeking approval for the amazing single-engine plane she has built.

8 years later from this very day she is a MIT graduate with a Ph.D. from Harvard and she is trying to answer extremely complex questions from the field of physics.

The founder of Amazon.com has gave a job offer to this Cuban-American woman. Nasa also has shown huge interest in this young and extremely talented physicist because her field of interested is black holes and she is focused on explaining gravity through the prism of quantum mechanics.

She isn’t a big fan of the social media unlike most of the people at her age. She refuses to posses a smartphone. On the internet, she Is active only on her website called PhysicsGirl where she posts a detailed list of her achievements so far.

As you can imagine – when Sabina first applied in MIT, she was put on a waitlist. But once professor Allen Haggerty saw a video of her building an airplane, he said:

“Our mouths were hanging open after we looked at it. Her potential is off the charts.”

After that, she was accepted and she has graduated with the school highest possible score, which is a grade point average of 5.00. Andrew Strominger who is working on a paper with the very famous physicist Stephen Hawking, has spoken really well about Sabrina. The Hertz Foundation has gave her thousands of dollars. Also, the Smith Foundation and the NSF (National Science Foundation) are supporting her for many of her works.

On the topic of loving physics, she said:

“Physics itself is exciting enough. It’s not like a e 9-to5 thing. When you’re tired you sleep, and when you’re not – you do physics.”


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