Tesla’s Legendary Wireless Electricity Tower Built And Tested In Russia

The famous Wardenclyffe Tower invented by Nikola Tesla was often regarded as the physical manifestation of his many years of work. This giant tower could transmit power across great distances without using any wires. Tesla’s creation was initially intended to transmit only messages, telephony and facsimile pictures across the Atlantic Ocean to England and to ships at sea.

Later in his life Tesla decided to improve the Wardenclyffe Tower by making it transmit electricity as well.

However his chief financier of the project, J.P. Morgan, pulled the funding because he was afraid of loosing the monopoly he had on copper, which back then was used to transmit electricity. Morgan didn’t want his technology to be no longer of use and his decision led to the tower being demolished in 1917, so the scrap could be used to pay for Tesla’s accrued debts.

If we fast forward to 2015, just two years ago, Russian scientists have built a small “Tesla tower” capable of transmitting huge amounts of electricity without using wires. The facility is called the “High Voltage Marx and Tesla Generators Research Facility” and it’s located not very far from Russia’s capital, Moscow.

The generators are so powerful they can meet the energy needs for the entire country for around 100 microseconds.

The facility is activated only casually, mostly because of the very high maintenance cost but when it is, lightning is discharged onto a platform which sends out electricity. According to the Russian TV station, Rossiya-1, while the facility is working, the static charge in the “hot zone” is so big that the hair of everyone around bridles.


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