200000 Year Old Ancient Levitation Technology That Defies The Laws Of Physics

The Ancient Civilizations might have discovered the secret of levitating larger heavier objects which science is still unable to figure out yet. This must be the secret of how dozens of megalithic monuments and even the pyramids were built. So, we are questioning if they had some advanced form of sound levitation to move those extremely heavy stones- a thing that even builders in modern society find it difficult to do with the use of sophisticated machinery.

Nowadays, regardless the fact that the science is more advanced than ever, there are monoliths around the world that are physically impossible to move, even if you use the latest, the most advanced cranes ever created. Still, this was done thousands of years ago, with a technique that scientist can`t discover yet. So, could it be possible that our ancestors mastered the technique of levitation?

Check out the video below:



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