The Flat Earth Society Just Responded to Elon Musk’s Tweet And We’re Confused

Flat-Earthers are striking again and of course – they seem to have all the answers. Now – they have come to the attention of Elon Musk himself!

Everyone knows that the executive head of SpaceX and The Tesla has been interested in the shape of planets – since he wants to colonize them. So, he decided to go a little philosophical on Twitter.

He tweeted: “Why is there no Flat Mars Society?!” and of course, after this tweet was written only because he wanted to amuse his followers – but instead, he got a serious response.

The Flat Earth Society (from their verified account!) thinks that there is a perfectly understandable explanation for the question that Elon Musk have asked. They replied:

“Hi Elon, thanks for the question. Unlike the Earth, Mars has been observed to be round. We hope you have a fantastic day!”

This of course goes against their (the Flat Earth theorists) logic that suggests that the scientific observations of Earths shape are faked or flawed.

Mike Hughes – who also plans to somehow launch himself in space once he gets a permission to just so that he can prove that the Earth is flat, explains: John Glenn and Neil Armostrong are Freemasons… Once you understand that, you understand the roots of deception”.

Do you remember when the famous rapper (and more importantly – flat-Earther) Bob has ran a campaign on GoFundMe with the plan to launch one or maybe even multiple satellites into space?

Back in the day, astronauts may have made fun of this, but now when there is a lot of publicity around Mike Hughes imminent rocket launch – the kind of started to become appealing for a bit of reason.

We have many decades of observational evidence that proves that Earth is a sphere (same as Mars, of course), so there is no need to build a dangerous and probably deadly homemade rocket spaceship.

If you refuse to believe in this, then why haven’t we seem a lunar eclipse that looks like this one here?

On the other hand, maybe we should stop asking questions. Who knows, we might just end up getting another answer.


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