A Male Contraceptive Rub-In Gel Will Start Clinical Trial Next Year

Even if contraceptives for males seemed to be on the horizon for many years , until now there wasn’t really a large and serious study regarding this topic. But now, there is an upcoming clinical trial and so far it is the most promising study into the issue!

Scientists from the National Institute of Child Health and Human development together with the US National Institutes of Health have been working on some kind of topical gel that can prevent the production of sperm, at least temporarily. In a report, MIT technology Review said that this clinical trial will be 4 years long and 400 couples from all over the globe will participate. It is planned to start next year in August.

So, how exactly this gel works? Okay, the first thing you should know is that you shouldn’t rub in on your genitals. Instead, you need to rub half a teaspoon of gel on your upper arms and shoulders every day.

The two hormones that the gel contains are testosterone and progestin. The first one has a role of stopping any other possible hormone imbalances, and progestin is here to stop the testes from producing enough testosterone in order to make normal levels of sperm.

Dr. Stephanie Page, who is the lead researcher and also a professor of medicine at the University of Washington, for the MIT technology Review said: “I am very confident that if men put the gel on every day and apply it correctly, it will be effective.”

In the previous trial that was made by the National Institute of Child Health and Human development back in 2012, they managed to successfully reduce the male’s sperm concentration by disturbing 89%, but only for a temporary period of time.

But, let’s get this straight. Clinical trials, regardless of their success, are one think – but getting this gel into the global market is something completely else! The development of contraceptives for males so far has been held for many decades, both for numerous scientific and social reasons.

In one study that was conducted in the past, only 25% of men said that they would considering using this kind of hormonal contraceptive.

In another study, 20 men out of 320 happened to get some serious side effects because they tried a certain contraceptive treatment. Because this number is quite big, they had to stop the further development of this study.

But, who knows, maybe there is some hope after all that this specific study could be the one to break the mold. Further research is, of course, required.


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