A Way Of Understanding Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity

Einstein’s famous equation. Credit: Pixabay.

Albert Einstein is undoubtedly one of the greatest scientific minds to ever live.
He is accountable for probably the most popular equation of all time, and years after his passing, his work is still a subject of discussion.
He is the topic of numerous urban legends, and also his brain itself has become the target of intense examination.
Most remarkably of all, are his two interrelated theories: special relativity and general relativity, which are one of the most crucial contributions to science.
His general theory of relativity (GTR) is essential to modern science that if you tried to refute it, the complete base for our understanding of the universe would fall. By many estimates, science would be set back a hundred years.
Fortunately, it’s quite improbable that this can happen as relativity is probably one of the most tested scientific theories ever. It’s also a thing that individuals have a difficult time understanding.
To that end, the below physics animated video by Eugene Khutoryansky breaks it down fully satisfactory.



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