Apple Founder Says Tesla, Not Apple, Will Create The Next Breakthrough Technology

Some tech experts believe that behind Apple, there wasn’t only one “Steve”. Even if Steve Jobs was actually the popular face of the company, there Is one other man named Steve Wozniak who was behind the Apple’s earliest technology back in the day. He was working on the Macintosh project and at a time when this was the key to the initial success of the company.

In an interview for Bloomberg, Canada, Steve Wozniak stated that he thinks the next huge thing in tech actually won’t come from the company he co-founded in the past. He is betting that Tesla and the guy behind it – of course, the famous CEO Elon Musk – will actually be the source of the next technology innovation.

Steve Wozniak said: “I think Tesla is on the best direction right now. They’ve put an awful lot of effort into very risky things. They started with a car—the Tesla Model S—that made little sense in engineering terms in how much you have to build for what price and what the market will be.”

This kind of attitude actually won Steve’s admiration and that why he is willing to bet on Tesla.

People that changed the world with their innovations, didn’t actually spring out of big businesses.

Even if in the past, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak didn’t always see eye to eye, that’s not why Woz is willing to bet on Tesla. He actually sees a bit of Apple in Tesla now. In Wozniak words:

“Look at the companies like Google and Facebook and Apple and Microsoft that changed the world—and Tesla included. They usually came from young people. They didn’t spring out of big businesses,”

While Apple seems to be suffering from a lack of innovative ideas, Tesla and Elon Musk have achieved much more from their first famous electric car – and this deserves admiration. Some people believe that maybe if Tesla and Apple worked and combined their resources together – huge things might happen. Because Apple’s has the money and Tesla has innovations. Unfortunately, Musk already mentioned that he would have some doubts on this proposal.


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