Costa Rica Just Ran 300 Days On 100 Percent Renewable Electricity

Truth is – Costa Rica is a really small country – but when it comes to sources of clean energy – it aims really, really high! 3 years ago Costa Rica generated 100% of it’s electricity only from completely renewable energy sources for exactly 299 whole days! The previous year, they made a similar project and the whole country ran for 271 days only on fossil fuels.

The same project from 3 years ago has bested it’s achievement having run for 300 days only on a mixture of wind, biomass, geothermal, hydro and solar energy! The government of Costa Rica has a plan to become completely carbon neutral by the year 2021 and this decision was made before more than 10 years ago.

With only 6 weeks left of 2017 to go, it appears that the total number of clean energy days will increase – says a new report by the ICE – Costa Rican Institute of Tech.

The head executive of the Institute named Carlos Manuel Obregon has explained that a lot of upgrades to various clean energy power plants have helped them to get to this point.

Great news, but a little bit of reality check:

A small country can accomplish this enthusiastic goals without the same difficulty that countries like the US or China are currently experiencing. Of course, what other countries lack in comparison with Costa Rica is the abundant natural resources, or to be more specific – geometrical and hydropower sources.

Going completely fossil free for a small country like this does not change much in the bigger picture. At this moment, Costa Rica produces 1,241 times less greenhouse gases in comparison with – let’s say – China and that’s why you can say that the contribution for fighting climate change is relatively  minor.

But that’s not the point here. Costa Rica demonstrates that on a socio-economic and an environmental level – big changes are possible if the country is willing to commit on issues like this one.

If nothing else, countries like Costa Rica and it’s neighbors showed that you don’t really need coal to power your country. There are many forms of clean energy and they work perfectly.

Although, Costa Rica still doesn’t have any plans for replacing the million cars that are still using internal combustion engines – which of course plays a big role in this worldwide known problem.

But, when it comes to free energy – some of the wealthiest nations on this world are far behind places like this country. In a way, Costa Rica is just a slice of a paradise and a kind reminder that brighter days will come.


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