Earth Will Become A Huge Ball Of Fire By 2600, Stephen Hawking Claims

Around 600 hundred years from now, the Earth will be destroyed in a ball of fire, or at least that’s what Professor Stephen Hawking predicted. Although not a huge deal for people living in the present, the next future generations would not like this turn of events.

The legendary physicists predicts that the fast growing number of the world’s population and their needs for energy will lead our humanity to demise.

So what would be the alternative in order to avoid this event? Reach for the stars, literally.

“The idea behind this innovation is to have the nanocraft on the light beam. Such a system would be able to reach our neighbor planet Mars in less than an hour, or reach Pluto in just a few days, pass Voyager in under a week and reach Alpha Centauri in just over 20 years”, said Hawking.

Alpha Centauri is actually 25 trillion miles away, which is 4.37 light years from Earth.

With today’s technology, or even the fastest space shuttle, it would take incredible 30.000 years to get there. However Hawking believes a nanocraft probe could reach the place in just 20 years.

At the Starmus Festival Festival that was held in Trondheim, Hawking asked nations to re-kindle their space exploration programs and to build a moon base not later than 2020 before heading out to Mars in 2025.

“Spreading out into space will lead to a complete change of humanity’s future. I hope it would unite nations in a single goal, to face the common challenge for us all instead of competing”, he said.

Admitting that he struggles to remain positive, Hawkins pointed out that Earth is currently facing many threats.

Scientists claim that the ‘disastrous gift of climate change’ has ruined our planet causing resource shortages. Also this is the main cause for rising temperatures, deforestation, and the extinction of animal species being just some of the issues we face.

Stephen Hawking also accused US President Donald Trump of making a wrong decision by pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement.

In the past Hawking has claimed that asteroid strikes, epidemics, over-population and climate change could potentially cause the fall of mankind and just last year he pointed out that our race wouldn’t last another 1,000 years on this ‘fragile’ Earth and that exploring the galaxy for other habitable planets was our only salvation.

The truth is Earth has an expiry date and whether it’s today or in 600 years, eventually everything that we have achieved as humans throughout our history will be destroyed and rendered irrelevant, unremembered forever until the end of time.


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