Jahn-Teller Metals: A new state of matter has been discovered by an international team of scientists

So far, the three states of matter that we’ve heard of are gas, liquid and solid. However, everybody knows that under some extreme laboratory conditions, there could be more states of matter that appear to exist in nature.

Recently, Science Advances has published a research in their journal in which team of international scientists tried to conduct a study on unconventional superconductors. Somehow, they have discovered a brand new state of matter and they named in Jahn-Teller Metal.

Even before, it was known that some materials somehow manage to achieve superconductivity at a very high critical temperature and that’s why this research is really helpful in order to understand the whole physics behind this kind of materials.

Superconductor of electricity means that a certain material somehow conducts electricity without any resistance.

And when there here is a lack of resistance – there is no energy loss in any form. Most of the cases when electrical resistance exists in the form of heat – the result is loss of energy but this case the international team led by Kosmas Prassides of Tohoku University in Japan may completely revolutionize the aspect of production of energy and the usage of it.

The Jahn-Taller effect is already known in chemistry and it actually means that under low pressures, the arrangement of molecules and ions in this state somehow becomes distorted.

„This is what the rubidium atoms do: apply pressure. Usually when we think about adding pressure, we think in terms of squeezing something, forcing it’s molecules closer together by brute force. But it is possible to do the same thing chemically, tweaking the distances between the molecules by adding or subtracting some sort of barrier between them – sneaking in some extra atoms, perhaps.”

This discovery is revolutionary because it opens up a huge range of possibilities that can transform all those insulating materials into super conducting ones.

“The relationship between the parent unsulator, the normal metallic state above Tc, and the superconducting pairing mechanism is a key question in understanding all unconventional superconductors”, scientists say.

This discovery of course will require many new studies that will prove it’s energy production capabilities in the real world. But for starters it’s great – because new form of matter has been discovered!


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