Mysterious ‘Underwater Wall’ Circles Our Planet, What Is Happening?

A viral, mysterious video started going around on Youtube. Basically a wall, under the oceans, and it’s circling our planet. Flat Earth Arabic showed this thing.

So, the channel claims that the wall is hidden underneath the ocean, thousands of miles, underneath the ocean.

UFO Enthusiasts, conspiracy theorists, they all started using Google Earth, and, a little bit of an insight info for all you fans, is that, for example, they started to uncover things which can’t be explained. Just a crude example, they found a pyramid in Mexico, underwater on 12°8’1.5″N,119°35’26.4″W.


There was actually an ancient Mayan City discovered by a 15 year old kid….

One more example of what a cyber archeologists does is Angela Micol … She found Pyramids bigger than those revealed in the Giza Plateau. Check out the video below…

A lot of things were found thanks to Google Earth.


Earth is not young, and just now we started to find out that there is a lot more out there left from our ancestors which at some point in time, were living on this planet.

Can you classify this as a wall?

There’s a huge structure when you zoom in on he coordinates. The first thing which will pop in your head would be “Who could’ve built this thing?” or “How old is this?” “This can’t be real…” “Why was this thing even build in the first place?”

As there are enthusiasts, there are also skeptics, and they become the majority of the discovery. One explanation is that this is a bug. As Google Earth uses distant imagery then stitches them together, there is a real possibility that this is some kind of an overlap…


Image Stitching and the Image Stitching Error… What is that?

In order to form a single image, let’s say a panorama (google street view and street view trusted uses them all the time), you need to combine multiple images from different angles and put them together to form a single entity. Now, in order to look good, the edges must be clearly visible and the images need to be joined together by the program identifying so called “overlapping” points – meaning, find common points in every image and extend the initial image itself by applying the next frame on the first picture. The procedure itself is called Image Stitching.


Image stitching became a thing ever since google started it.

There are changes in the background, and the image can be distorted by any number of factors including reference, point of view, angle, illumination, gamma …

What do you think? Is it real or fake?


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