Nikola Tesla And His Free Energy, Disc-Shaped, Flying Craft

With his inventions and creative ideas, he proves to be one of the most recognized innovators who ever lived.

Our technology today is a result of Tesla’s crucial inventions, studies, and research. We know all about his life and work from what we read in the books, but is there a mystery hiding behind Tesla’s amazing approach to technology. Because of his incredible knowledge and ideas which went far beyond what was accepted at that point of time, we can’t help but wonder if Tesla really did have influence and contact with extraterrestrials as he publicly proclaimed?

Is it true that our modern technology is based on his open-mindedness about otherworldly beings and is there a possibility that he did in fact received messages from these beings which influenced his vision about futuristic technologies?

His strangest invention is UFO known as “Identified” flying object.

What is interesting here is that Tesla asked for a request to patent an odd aircraft over hundred years ago in the first decade of the 20th century. He called it “The world’s first flying saucer”, the world’s first IFO created by a man.

A lot of people are intrigued about how the flying saucer is designed because many have claimed to have seen a UFO matching to his design. The appearance of his invention was disk-shaped, with an electrical condenser with enough size to produce enough thrust to fly and other small electrical condensers which were made to control the direction of the flying saucer. Also, a gyroscopic stabilization system and an electric “drive” control were added.

The futuristic side of the flying object is impeccable. He provided the pilots with external video cameras which were in the back of the craft, mainly used for the blind spots, which offered a transparent 360 view. The electro-optical lenses that Tesla used in his UFO offered the pilot view of everything around him and the most incredible thing that he included are magnifying lenses that could have worked without changing positions. The inside of the ship was stocked with flat screens and top of the line gadgets.

To sum up, Tesla invented an amazing flying saucer which ran on “free energy”. The only source of energy was by the tower of wireless transmission.

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