Russia is planning to put a luxury hotel on the ISS

American private corporations are currently working on the offer to allow customers a short trip to space, but in the meantime, Russia is trying to do something really grander. According to Popular mechanics, the Russian space corporations called Roscosmos is planning to build a luxury hotel on the International Space Station. So, everyone who has enough money to shell out at least 40 million us dollars will be allowed to stay there for a week or two and experience the most unique hotel in the…world?

If you would like to go on a spacewalk with a cosmonauts, that’s also possible. Sure, for only additional 20 million dollars.

In the publication it was said that the RKK Energia has made a strategy to be able to pay for the construction of the second module it’s building that will set it back $279 to $446 million.

The first module will serve as a power supply station and laboratory and RKK is already building it. Even if initially the second module was part of the plan, the Russian government will only pay for the first one.

The tourist module will look something like this:

RKK Energia is really hoping to fly at least or two people per flight, after NASA will stop buying seats on the capsule for all the astronauts that are headed to the International Space Station, which of course – will happen at the moment when Boeing’s and SpaceX’s commercial crew program vehicles will be ready.

In order to be able to start the contraction, 12 passengers (with deep pockets) will be needed. They will have to pay 4 millions US dollars up front! If there are at least six passengers that would like to stay for a week in the hotel, the company will get back all of their money that they have invested in just seven years.

Popular Mechanics said that the ISS is schedules to be decommissioned somewhere around 2028. Few years will be needed to finish this, so they will have to start building it very soon.


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