Tesla’s Historic Tower Build And Tested By Russians Scientists.

This thing can create sufficient power to match all power generation facilities in Russia – at the time when lightning is discharged onto a platform.

So Russian scientists are working to restore the Tesla Tower for wireless power transmission which was imagined by Tesla in 1901-1902. The original project which was built in Manhattan New York wasn’t completed (no one knows the reasons as to why – although it’s highly probable that it was lack of funding). What’s believed is that Tesla thought this was one of the most effective systems in the world which would allow him to produce and distribute electricity across vast distances.

He also developed the principles of an antenna which is capable of supplying electricity to ANY device without the use of cables or connectors.

His project was based on variations in the magnetic fux and, despite the incredible potential of the project, he apparently never managed to flourish beyond mere trials.

What the Russian 2.0 Tesla Tower holds?
Well, it’s located about 40 KM away from Moscow. At the moment, the research complex, named “High Voltage Marx and Tesla Generators Research Facility” is an amazing feat and the generators which are used can meet energy demands for the entire country, but for a small amount of time of approximately 100 microseconds.

Experiments related to energy are not news in Russia. In the 80’s – they build a tower which “channeled” the energy created from lightning storms and use it for numerous purposes.

High maintenance, however, makes this thing operational only on special occasions.

As per Rossiya-1 TV: When the facility is operating the static charge in the “hot zone” is so large that the hair of anyone present bristles.

Check it out and see for yourselves.



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