Wave Generated Energy Is About To Become A Game Changer In Electricity Markets

We all know about alternative energy, energy made from resources such as water, wind and sun. Humans have found different and efficient ways to use this energy. Even though the resources haven’t been changed, the technology sure did. The first step in this direction was made by Carneige Wave Energy Limited. They created CETO 5, wave energy generators. These generators use the power of the ocean to transform it into energy and they can even clean this water in the process.

So far they have transformed wave energy into electricity by 3 CETO units which are producing 14000 cumulative hours of energy when connected to a power grid.

Hydroelectricity is created by 240kW buoys tethered to water pumps which convert the movement of the ocean waves into high-powered water. This power is used for a reverse-osmosis desalination plant.

They are still planning the future installments but this project will definitely get bigger.

The exact working process of CETO 5 is shown in the video below.

This system can function well in big depths so it can’t be destroyed by storms, also it doesn’t cause pollution and it doesn’t harm the ocean life.

Ian Macfarlane, Federal Energy Minister of Australia has stated:

“Wave-powered generation could hold the key to viability of renewable energy because it was predictable and could run all day. This is one of the great success stories in innovation in renewable energy.”

If other places start following Australia’s example they can effectively produce electric energy for their citizens. This can be achieved by making small adjustments to the technology when utilizing wave energy.

JP Morgan Chase and the Bush family are among the top five major financial institutions of the US with assets evaluated over $2.5 trillion. But the alternative energy technologies have started eating a big piece of their cake.

We should all be aware of the illegal activities of JP Morgan which were revealed in a few annual reports.

Luckily nowadays we have people like Nikola Tesla which are smart enough to use and adopt alternative energy technologies so we can stop burning fossil fuels once and for all.


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