We Just Found Life In Space – There’s Just One Tiny Problem

Recently, cosmonauts from Russia have discovered one weird bacteria that is living just on the outside of the ISS – International Space Station. What is even more weird is that back in 1998 when this satellite was launched – the bacteria wasn’t there.

During a spacewalk by the Russian space program, there were collected samples from the hull of the ISS and when . When these samples were sent to Earth, scientists have found out something really interesting:

“It appears that somehow these swabs reveal bacteria that were absent during the launch of the ISS module. That is, they have come from outer space and settled along the external surface. They are being studied so far and it seems that they pose no danger”, said the Russian cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov for the news agency TASS.

It is very unlikely that the origin of these microorganisms are connected with some kind of extraterrestrial bacteria. TASS believes that one of the team members brought tablet pc and some other equipment that was already contaminated with this bacteria.

The fascinating part about this is that cosmonauts showed that this bacteria is able to survive on the space station despite the fact that space vacuum exists.

Also, it is amazing that this bacteria has the ability to survive on weird temperatures between 121°C on the side where it is sunny and -157°C on it’s dark side.

One month ago, scientists were curious to find out more about bacteria and space. They have found it that E. Coli – the bacteria that is giving you food poisoning (and can be find in poop) is reacting differently in space and over there it is far more resistance to antibiotics. If you want to find out how and why, check out this link here.


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