World’s Deepest Fish Formally Described For The First Time

Ladies and gents, it is an honor to present you the world deepest fish.  This fish is able to live quite good at depths of 8,00 meters. This creature has finally been described and explain properly and of course – it has found it’s place in all the records books.

Originally, this fish was caught in 2014 but for the first time was recorded this year. The footage is made by a team from Japan and it shows how this fish is swimming around 8.100 meters below the surface – making it the deepest living fish that science knows of.

It is called the Mariana snailfish and it caught all the attention of the biologists because they couldn’t believe that this kind of animal is able to survive under the strong pressure so far below.

However, when it’s up on the surface, you can say that this fish looks a bit like a lump of raw chicken that has molded in the shape of a tadpole, but when this animal is in it’s preferred depths, it is amazing pearlescent creature that is drifting along the seafloor with style. It is known that some deep-sea animals sometimes become deformed when they reach the surface.

Nonetheless, this animal can adapt pretty easy and it is completely  ready to live by it’s own in the depths. This fish has no scales and very soft flesh. Even it’s liver is visible through the skin because it is very translucent.

“Snailfishes have adapted somehow to go deeper than other fish and can live in the deep trenches,” said the co-autor from the Newcastle University – Thomas Linley.

“Here they are free of predators, and the funnel shape of the trench means there’s much more food. There are loads of invertebrate prey and the snailfish are the top predator. They are active and look very well-fed.”

Because it is so deep, actually very few people has managed to visit and explore the Mariana Trench, which means that more on this topic is yet to be discovered. The team collected only 32 specimens in order to find out more about this amazing creature and for that they needed to send remote traps with cameras in the deepest dark, frigid waters.

They say that it took 4 hours only till the trap sings at the bottom. Then a whole day passes, they release the weights and all the cameras are slowly coming back to the surface.


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