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World’s Largest Battery Is Turned On In Australia As Tesla Ties Into Power Grid

Huge Tesla battery that is tied to a wind farm was included in the South Australia’s power grid and that allows the system to supply a lot of electricity. The battery was installed just before the summer started.

The French renewable energy company Neoen, Tesla and the South Australian government signed a contract and only 63 days after – the battery was linked to the grid. Tesla mentioned that if the battery is not installed in a total of 100 days, it can be free of charge.

“South Australia is leading the world in dispatchable renewable energy, that is delivered to businesses and homes 24/7” – it was said in the official statement regarding the installation of the battery.

The battery (100-megawatt/129MWh) was first installed over the weekend. After that, it went to some testing in order to ensure that it can store charge from the NEM (National Energy Market) and also generate power.

“South Australian taxpayers will be subsidizing its operation with up to $50 million over the next 10 years,” ABC reports.

You will understand the true power of this battery when you hear the numbers: it is able to power more than 30,000 homes for just something more than one hour. But South Australia’s key goal is to try to avoid the scenario that happened back in September 2016 – when the whole state was endured a blackout.

Officials also say that they will have to help in order to stabilize the electrical grid, so they will allow medium and small-sized businesses to sign contracts with the Hornsdale Power Reserve.


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