Scientists Predict Star Collision Will Create Massive Explosion Visible From Earth

We could be about to witness an interstellar explosion. Scientists say they’ve spotted two stars on a collision course.

The fireworks would be so big, you will likely be able to watch it with your naked eye.

The stars exist in the same system — which is why they are so close. But even still the crash is likely five years away.

Astronomer Larry Molnar of Calvin College in Michigan says of the future event “It’s a one-in-a-million chance that you can predict an explosion. It’s never been done before.”

It will allow scientists to better understand the final stages of a star’s “death spiral” and provide valuable insights to certain universal mechanisms.

And if we are able to watch the collision since the stars are so far away, the explosion we see will have actually taken place nearly 1,800 years ago; since that’s how long it takes for the light to get to us.

If this 2022 hypothesis is correct, the explosion known as a “red nova,” will be the first to ever be predicted.


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