Another Expert Joins Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk in Warning About the Dangers of AI

Back in 2012, Michael Vassar have become the chief science officer of MetaMed Research (which he also co-funded) and he as well served as the president of the Machine Intelligence Research Institute. So, it’s a fact the he knows a bit more about AI – Artificial Intelligence. Now, he has an important warning for humanity when it comes to developing these kinds of artificial super-intelligence.

In a video for Big Think, Michael Vassar says: “If greater-than-human artificial general intelligence is invented without due caution, it is all but certain that the human species will be extinct in very short order.”

This essentially means that he is concerned about an unchecked AI that could eradicate the humanity at some point in the future.

Vassar’s views are based on the book named “Superintelligence” from the author Nick Bostrom. His ideas are here for many decades, but at this moment they are gaining a lot of attention.

A lot of technology ‘freaks’ have spoken about their fears regarding the development of Artificial Intelligent creatures.

One of the many is the one and only Elon Musk who believes that AI attack on the internet is just a matter of time. In the meantime, Stephen Hawking also is concerned about the creation of AI and he states that this may be “the best or worst thing to happen to humanity.”

Bryan Johnson’s company called Kernal at the moment is working on a neuroprosthesis that are able to mimic, repair and even improve human cognition. So, if the worst comes, this tech will be a solid defense against AI that are going completely rogue on humanity. So, if we somehow ménage to upgrade our brains to a certain level that is maybe equal to AI’s – our chances to remain safe are just getting bigger.


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